What you need to know about website domain names
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Things about website domain names

With the booming development of the Internet, websites run by individuals or businesses are becoming more and more popular. Subsequently, more and more abandoned domain names have been produced. I forgot to renew and don’t want to use it anymore. Shouldn’t we just do nothing? Today we will talk about domain names.

Let’s get some basic knowledge first


What are IP addresses and domain names?

Simply put, an IP address is the unique identifier of a computer or website on the Internet.

An IP address is a long string of numbers, which is equivalent to the latitude and longitude coordinates in real life, which is not intuitive enough. In order to facilitate memory, people have invented another character-based address scheme, the so-called domain name address, which is equivalent to a house number.

There is a one-to-one correspondence between IP addresses and domain names. This domain name address information is stored in a host called a domain name server (DNS). Users only need to know the easy-to-remember domain name address, and the corresponding conversion work is left to Given to the domain name server.

A domain name server is a server that provides conversion services between IP addresses and domain names.


How long is a domain name valid for?

how far is Forever?

Currently, all major domain name registration platforms automatically default to a domain name validity period of one year, but you can actually choose the time when registering. For example, you can directly choose two years or more.

Nowadays, the registration time of many platforms is up to 20 years, with no permanent period. Therefore, if you still want to use it after it has expired, you need to pay attention to renewal.


What should you pay attention to about website registration?

There are two types of filing: ICP filing and international network filing.

ICP filing means registering your website sponsor's information and website information with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This registration is generally provided by domain name service providers.

International network registration requires users to submit website-related information to the Ministry of Public Security's "National Internet Security Management Service Platform" within 30 days from the date of official network connection to complete the registration.

If the ICP is not registered, the website will be inaccessible; if the international network registration is not done in time, according to the "Computer Information Network International Network Security Protection Management Measures", you will face penalties!

International Internet registration website: www.beian.gov.cn

Friends who have set up a website but have not completed the registration for international networking should hurry up and register!

Note: If the registration is not cancelled, the above two registrations will be permanently valid.

After reading the above, we understand that the domain name has a validity period, but if the registration is not actively canceled, it will exist permanently. Then such a situation will occur:

Friend A set up a website. After taking care of it for a while, it was no longer in operation for some reasons. As the website domain name expires, the domain name will re-enter the market and be registered and used by partner B.

However, since the registration of this website with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has always been the information of Partner A and has not been cancelled, then if Partner B uses this domain name to do something bad, Partner A will be the first to face investigation, commonly known as "backdoor". Pot Man".

Case 1

Company A's website domain name was not renewed in time, and the domain name registration information was not canceled. As a result, the domain name was registered and used by the next company, and some unauthorized movies and videos were released, which resulted in infringement.

The infringed party searched the domain name registration information and took Company A, which had no longer used the domain name, to court. Although Company A won the case with the assistance of a team of lawyers, it incurred a lot of time and costs.

Case 2

Citizen Zhang and his wife started Company B and registered a domain name as the company's business marketing website by renting a cloud server.

A few years later, because the annual fee for renting a cloud server was not renewed, the domain name was redeemed, and Zhang and his wife no longer had permission to enter the web administrator interface.

Unexpectedly, the domain name was later registered as a movie search engine website containing pornographic information. In August, the police launched an investigation on Company B after receiving clues.

After investigation, it was found that the domain name previously registered by Zhang and his wife was indeed a web page promoting their business, not the current movie search engine page. In the end, Zhang and his wife registered and canceled the website domain name under the guidance of the police.

If the domain name or server fee expires and the website operator does not plan to continue operating, the website operator must promptly complete the cancellation procedures for the information registered with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to avoid being used by criminals to set up illegal websites.


What should I do if my domain name expires?

After a domain name expires, there is generally a retention period of about 30 days, a redemption period of about 30 days, and a deletion period of about 5 days.

Renew at the original price during the retention period. If you renew during the redemption period, the price will become very high; once you enter the deletion period, you cannot renew.

If you still want this domain name, you can only wait until the domain name deletion period is over, the domain name is released, and then register it again. If you no longer want the domain name, you must remember to go through the cancellation procedures for the information registered with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Log out if you no longer need the domain name!

Log out if you no longer need the domain name!

Log out if you no longer need the domain name!

So what does the domain name service provider need to do?

1. Through the DNS server, the domain name we enter is translated into an IP address that the computer can understand, so that the computer can find the website. This is the legendary domain name resolution.

2. Strengthen the management of domain names, such as checking domain name status, modifying DNS servers, domain name renewal, domain name redemption, domain name transfer, domain name transfer, printing and downloading domain name certificates, etc.

3. Because domain name registration, review, etc. require real-name authentication, after friends submit various information, the domain name service provider is obliged to keep it properly and not disclose customer information at will.

Case 3

Company Z's domain name management account was stolen. The criminals modified the email number, member name and contact information of the management contact, and then submitted the "Domestic Domain Name Transfer Registrar Application Form" to domain name service provider A.

After receiving the application, domain name service provider A failed to fulfill its review obligations and transferred the domain name involved to domain name service provider B and domain name service provider C. Domain name service providers B and C also failed to fulfill their review obligations.

As a result, Company Z lost control of the domain name involved. Finally, Company Z took domain name service providers A, B, and C to court. The court finally ruled that domain name service provider A should compensate company Z for 15,000, and that domain name service providers B and C should each compensate company Z for 5,000.

Both the original domain name registrar and the new domain name registrar have the obligation to carefully review the application materials, otherwise they must bear responsibility.

Dear friends who have already set up a website or are preparing to start a website, please note: Be sure to pay attention to the validity period of your website domain name!

Friends who are no longer planning to operate a website, please remember to go through the cancellation procedures of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s registered information.

In this way, you can not only avoid legal risks, but also help the police crack down on illegal websites.

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